Beachwood is a private recreation club and usually has openings for new members in the spring. However, due to the high interest in becoming a member, there is a waiting list which varies in length from year to year depending on the number of members returning. The wait list stands at approximately 400 families, which equates to a probable three to five year wait. Regardless of the length of the waiting list, we encourage you to apply as it guarantees your place on that list.

General Members 

Beachwood membership entitles member families to the full use of the club and its programs and activities.  A Beachwood membership family is defined as one or two adults and any children aged 24 years and younger permanently residing at one household at a particular address.  Adult children aged 25 and over, or any other adult family members such as grandparents, whether or not permanent residents of the household, may use the club as a guest under the guest rules.  Annual dues are currently $735.00, payable in February of each year.
If you would like to become a member of Beachwood, please fill out the New Member Application (link below). Upon receipt, you will be placed on the waiting list. At the conclusion of the enrollment period each spring, you will be notified of your position on the list. 
Click here for the New Member Application

Senior Members 

In order to be eligible to become a Senior Member at Beachwood, it must have been 10 years since you first became a member. In addition you must not have any dependents under the age of 19 in your household.
The Senior Membership allows you and your spouse to enjoy club facilities. Anyone else, including children or grandchildren, visiting the club would be considered a guest and subject to guest fees. When changing your membership to Senior status your equity of $430 is refunded to you, you give up the option to sell your membership along with your house, and you give up voting rights at membership meetings.  Senior dues are currently $295, payable in February of each year. 

Babysitter Passes 

General Member families may purchase a babysitter pass for $25 per season, to use with up to three designated babysitters of the Membership Family. The individual using the babysitter pass to gain access to the club must be doing so in the capacity as a babysitter of the Membership Family, and, as such, the Membership Family’s children must accompany the babysitter and the adult Members must not be present during the babysitter’s use of the club. Only one babysitter may use the pass at a time.
Babysitter passes may be purchased online by following two steps.  First, add the named individual to your household by logging into the Beachwood portal and clicking on the 'Add Household Member' button on the left, just as you did when adding your own family members.  Be sure to provide the actual address and contact information of the individual.  Second, go to the Membership -> Register for Babysitter Passes tab of the portal.  Select the pass, associate it to the babysitter (the individual that you set up in the first step).  Do not associate the pass to a family member.  Then follow the checkout process.  If you need to associate a second or third babysitter to the pass, please contact us at the email below. 
Click here to Purchase a Babysitter Pass
If you have any questions about Beachwood membership, or if you wish to change or cancel your Beachwood membership, please contact us at