Tennis Staff 

Samit Shah - Head Pro
Adam Penar - Assistant Head Pro
Jen Yoder - Pro
Matthew Profke - Staff
Conlen Kennedy - Staff

Tennis Groups 

Beachwood offers several different tennis groups, based on age and ability level.
Pee Wee (3-5 yrs old)  [Not available in 2020]
A fun environment for your child’s first experience on a tennis court. Basic movement and hand-eye coordination skills will be introduced, as well as perception and awareness exercises and ball and racquet exercises. Emphasis is placed on fun and teamwork. Preschool experience helpful. Foam or red balls used.
Little Strokers (6-8 yrs old)
Children who have no, or little tennis experience. The focus is on developing general motor and athletic skills. Coordination training, balance exercises, and movement skills. Children will learn basics of forehand, backhand and volley and initial progressions of service motion. These skills will provide them with a solid foundation to their tennis development. 
Future Stars (9-10 yrs old)
Children will learn how to initiate a rally, move and judge the ball as well as racquet control skills that will continue to enhance their tennis game All strokes introduced along with full court hitting and drilling. Reinforcement of basic skills. 
JV (10-14 yrs old)
For middle school to high school age players. Mini tennis as well as full court rallying. 7 basic tennis strokes covered: forehand, backhand, serve, volley, half volley, overhead smash and lob. Students should be comfortable rallying.
B team
For middle school to high school age players. Should have good grasp on all strokes and starting to work on match play. Developing basic strategy. Children will be trained using dead ball drills, live ball drills and competitive play situations to refine their technical and tactical skills. Students should be comfortable rallying from the baseline. 
A team
For middle school or high school age players. Encourages students to learn to develop their own game. Working on the ability to know when to hit certain shots, mental strength and strategy. Instruction includes on-court technique, footwork and conditioning. Students can consistently rally from the baseline and have a strong foundation of match play.
For additional information about the A Team and B Team, please visit the Tennis Team tab.  For additional information about all other groups, please visit the Tennis Lessons tab. 

Tennis Team Rules and Guidelines 

  • Tennis players will enter through the tennis gate located near the sport court
  • All players are to safely follow the 6 ft of social distancing at all times
  • No sharing of equipment
  • Avoid touching gates, fences, benches, etc. if you can
  • Please do not attend practice if you, or a member of your household, does not feel well
Note from the pro’s:  We on the Beachwood Tennis Staff will make every effort to maintain social distancing.  While playing games or performing live ball drills please know we cannot guarantee distancing (i.e., we will not stop mid point during play should the players come closer than 6 feet).  If at any point during the season your child is experiencing any discomfort please let one of the pro's know and we’ll work together to resolve it.